About TeenProLifers

From the grassroots organization that led the charge against HBO'S Unpregnant film, TeenProLifers continues to lead the next generation of leaders. TeenProLifers trains and mobilizes our young generation to have an impact, both in their communities and across the globe as a collective voice for life. The future of the pro-life movement lies with the youth of today, which is why it is more important than ever to secure young minds and hearts through thoughtful outreach and activism.

Biased, agenda-driven organizations are the sources that influence millions of young minds every day. Our goal at TeenProLifers is to educate other pro-life teens on the reality and value of life and the importance of protecting life for all individuals, both old and young. In addition, TeenProLifers seeks to provide a place where teens can grow their individual skills and contribute to the movement in their own unique way. TeenProLifers is unique in its ability to allow students to grow and engage with other teens in the pro-life movement. Our team of teens is dedicated to defending life from its beginning in the womb to natural death. We seek to spread awareness about abortion, the greatest human rights violation plaguing society. We commit to use all of our efforts to bring the practice to an end.

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