Statement Release

TeenProLifers Statement Regarding Cyberbullying & Threats.

TeenProLifers is committed to nurturing an environment in which civil discourse can occur between pro-life supporters and pro-abortion advocates. TeenProLifers, however, will not tolerate any derogatory comments or threats against any of our supporters. TeenProLifers defines cyberbullying as “the use of electronic communication to bully or harass a person, typically by sending messages of an intimidating or threatening nature.” The moderating staff on our media platforms has taken note of several complaints regarding multiple instances of cyberbullying, which include but are not limited to: name-calling, slander, shaming based on gender/sexual orientation/religion/etc., gaslighting, and actual threats and/or encouragement toward pro-life advocates to harm themselves.

The executive board and staff members at TeenProLifers are incredibly disheartened to hear about the new upcoming HBO film "Unpregnant." It is a shame that such a prominent production company like HBO would create a film to romanticize and normalize abortion for a teen audience. The organization wants to reiterate the fact that the majority of the teenage and young adult demographic does not support an extreme movie that glorifies the evils of abortion. The leaders of TeenProLifers make it their mission every day to reach this same demographic with pro-life content and equip their supporters to speak out against the senseless murder of preborn children.

TeenProLifers was disheartened to hear about the recent abortion legalization bill passed through the Argentinian Senate on Wednesday, December 30. The bill allows abortions for any reason up to fourteen weeks, at which point a baby has a heartbeat and may be pain-capable. TeenProLifers’ executives and staff are appalled by this radical abortion agenda in Argentina, a considerably religious and conservative country. The organization is extremely disappointed that president Alberto Fernández has promised to sign the bill into law. The bill already passed through the Argentinian Chamber of Deputies on December 11.

The TeenProLifers’ staff have been involved with campaigning efforts for the right to life for all babies and children in Argentina alongside many of the organization’s teen-aged supporters and church activists.

TeenProLifers stands by its mission, which is to train and mobilize youth to advocate for preborn lives. TeenProLifers believes that the sanctity of life is a serious issue and should be protected for all people, inside and outside the womb.

We at TeenProLifers are asking you to help us with an important mission. As you may know, HBO Max is releasing a new movie titled “Unpregnant,” which glorifies abortion to teenage audiences and presents it as a viable option for an unplanned pregnancy. This movie will be released in September to thousands of viewers nationwide, many of them being families with young or teen-aged girls.