The Team

Executive Leadership


Felipe Avila

Felipe is an 18-year-old student born and raised in Las Vegas, Nevada. He is currently studying to be a Pharmacy Technician in Nevada and has a passion for creating a better tommorow.

Felipe holds a special interest in public policy and politics. He is currently a fellow for a special interest organization called Students for Life Action. Felipe serves as the Nevada Public Policy Captain, where he is responsible for policy-related efforts in the state. He has worked in multiple campaigns across multiple levels of public office, supporting both Democratic and Republican candidates. Felipe served as the Volunteer Coordinator for select New Mexico senate district campaigns, the efforts of the organization resulted in countless office wins.

Felipe has been quoted by ABC News, The CW, and Nevada's Department of Education.

Executive Vice-President:

Megan Kerr

Megan Kerr is a senior at Hillsdale College studying Rhetoric and Public Address. After she graduates in May 2021, she will start her full-time position with Right to Life Michiana in South Bend, IN as their program manager. Megan has been active in politics and pro-life advocacy since Megan was a junior in high school. She first started campaigning for the 2016 presidential elections in her home state of Indiana. Since then, she has interned for several pro-life and political organizations, most notably Susan B. Anthony List and Students for Life of America in their communications departments.

Megan currently serves as TeenProLifers’ Executive Vice-President. She manages all brand promotion operations as well as any external affairs inquiries and media campaigns. You can usually find her working the TeenProLifers’ Twitter, playing the viola, or editing press releases in her free time.

Communications Team

Chief Social Media Officer:

Madison Hicks

Madison is 19 years old and is in college where she is studying early childhood education. She has been pro-life for as long as she can remember. It is something that she is very passionate about and just recently she has wanted to become more involved and do her part in the pro-life movement. In her free time, she loves spending time with her friends and family.

Social Media Coordinator:

Kaya Tretter

Kaya is beyond honored to be a part of the TeenProlifers TikTok team. She is 15 years old, and has just started high school living in the Portland, Oregon area. Kaya is a devout Catholic but is pro-life for many other reasons outside of my faith. She strongly believes that even if she were an atheist she would still be passionate about fighting for the rights of the unborn. As well as working with TeenProlifers she is a competitive dancer, and dances about 25+ hours a week. She also loves to ski, swim, and hang out with friends. Kaya is excited to see where her journey with TeenProlifers takes her!

tiktok team leader

Joshua Odotula

Joshua is a 20 year old Prolife Christian Conservative. He’s been to the National March for Life and the Prolife Summit along with the Georgia March for Life. He is the President of his schools Students for Life in addition the Secretary of the YAF chapter. Joshua is a warrior for defending the unborn. He’s active in the pro-life community and uses apologetics to change the hearts and minds of those who believe in abortion in addition to helping pass polices that help make abortion illegal and help pregnant women in need as well.


Maudaline Montes

Maudaline is a 15-year-old based out of Clearwater, Florida. She currently serves as the Executive Assistant to the President at TeenProLifers. Beginning to expand her realm of speaking for the voiceless, Maudaline is a member of the pro-life club at her high school, where she wholeheartedly believes in standing up for the right to life. As a firm believer in Christianity & Biblical truth, her key verses in supporting life are Psalms 139:13-16, as she believes that life is a God-given gift to man, created equal in his image, and are fully formed, fully known, and fully loved by Christ the King starting in the depths of the womb. Outside of the pro-life movement, Maudaline is a competitive gymnast at a high Optional level, and enjoys expressing her additional beliefs. In the future, she plans to keep her focus on Political Science, Law, and the fight for life, as well as including aspects of the Spanish language.

Director of Internal Communications:

Owen Miller

Owen was born in Missouri, he's 17 years old and has lived in Kansas his entire life. He is currently State Chair for the Kansas Federation of Teenage Republicans. Owen finds interest in anything related to politics, and hopes to run for office one day. Owen's Pro-Life beliefs shape every aspect of his life, and he works tirelessly to advocate for the unborn. Owen also has a crippling addiction to listening to Christmas music year round, he's an avid reader, and loves doodling. Even in his free time he works on various political projects, and is always working towards a better tomorrow

Blog Team

Lead Blogger:

Bethany Davies

Bethany Davies was born and raised in North Carolina. Bethany is a Junior in high school and is currently 15. Bethany serves as a sidewalk leader and prayer warrior for Love Life, Raleigh. She hopes to graduate high school and attend college for Communications and Theatrical Productions.

Bethany is actively involved in her church as the worship leader for her Youth Group and the Kids Ministry. Bethany has been homeschooled her entire life, which gives her a lot of time for the Pro-Life Ministry, volleyball where she plays as the outside hitter, and performing in many Musical Theatre productions each year. She believes that when passionate teenagers come together as a group, whether it’s about the pro-life ministry or any extra-curricular activity; they can get many things accomplished! Bethany is excited to be a part of the blogging team for Teen Pro-Lifers and can’t wait to see all that they will accomplish.


Lindsey Siagian

Lindsey Siagian is a blogger from the PNW. She is pro-life because she believes everyone deserves a chance at fulfilling their purpose. Lindsey’s hobbies include working out, sports, fishing, hiking, and of course, writing.

TikTok Team


Lia Ilagan

Lia is a passionate girl with a drive to spread truth and love. She has participated in several pro-life events and has been an advocate for the cause since she was little. In her opinion, it is an honor to be an active fighter against injustice. She hopes to be part of the generation which makes a strong impact on one of the world’s biggest issues and be a voice for the voiceless.


Benjamin Durkin

Benji Durkin is part of TeenProLifers TikTok team, in an effort to educate his peers as well as anyone who has questions. Benji himself used to be pro choice, but after learning about Live Actions investigations he made the switch to become an advocate for the preborn! He’s a current ambassador for Live Action and influencer for TeenProLifers. In his free time, Benji cooks, studies science and puts time into the pro life cause! His favorite experience was going abroad to Japan back before the pandemic, and plans to travel again as soon as possible!


Erin Townsend

Erin is 13 years old and is a 7th grader in Colorado. Erin has been pro-life her whole life and believes in fighting for the unborn. Erin also dances and plays softball. She joined TeenProLifers' TikTok team in December of 2020, as an opportunity to advocate for the unborn on a more social platform. Erin also loves animals and loves to work in the nursery at her local church. She believes that life is a gift from God, and it shouldn't be taken away from anyone no matter your size or age.